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Anyone who uses a Morooka knows that our dumpers are great examples of Japanese workmanship, characterized by their high reliability in operation.
We are very proud of our product and its quality. This goes as well for our spare parts. Morooka has its own warehouse to ensure the fast delivery of the most common spare parts needed for maintenance and repair of the machines. By ordering original Morooka spare parts you will ensure a long life of your Morooka machine.
On this page, you will find all the information concerning Waranty period and spare parts.


All newly purchased machines benefit from a warranty period of one year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first, on all Morooka parts, with the exception of wearing parts such as filters, rollers, idler wheel, gypsy, rubber track…
No warranty period extension option is available.
For any warranty requests, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Do you change your ELEMENT / FILTER periodically

Your ELEMENT / FILTERS will shorten the life of the machine unless you replace it within the recommended time.

Filters are used to prevent trouble caused when impurities in the oil, fuel, or air enter important equipment. When the replacement interval listed is reached, always replace or clean the filters. However, when using this machine under heavy-duty conditions, you should replace the filters before the specified replacement interval has passed.

Filter: After use (Left)
and before use (Right)

Check your hour meter and condition

MST-300 (Tier 4 interim)200h ※ (100h)500h500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-600 (Tier 4 interim)500h ※ (50h)500h500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-700 (Tier 4 interim)500h ※ (50h)500h250h500h ※ (100h)
MST-800 (Tier 2)500h ※ (100h)500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-800 (Tier 3)250h ※ (100h)500h500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-1500 (Tier 2)250h ※ (100h)500h500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-1500 (Tier 3)500h ※ (50h)500h500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-1500 (Tier 4 interim)500h ※ (50h)500h ※ (50h)500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-1500 (Tier 4)500h ※ (50h)500h ※ (50h)500h ※ (50h)500h ※ (100h)
MST-2200 (Tier 4 interim)500h ※ (100h)250h500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-2200 (Tier 4)500h ※ (50h)500h ※ (50h)500h ※ (50h)500h ※ (100h)
MST-2200VDR (Tier 4 interim)500h ※ (100h)500h500h500h ※ (100h)
MST-3000 (Tier 3)250h ※ (100h)250h250h500h ※ (100h)

AIR FILTER: Should be changed after one year and cleaned 3~4 times a year if the machine is used often.


Please contact the nearest distributor in your area.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any question and request.


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