MOROOKA was founded in 1958 in Ryugasaki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.
The company started its journey by digging wells and installing pipes to provide water for farms.
Working in marshes and muddy terrain meant that construction machines often sank and would be stuck in the mud.

Given the challenging work conditions, we developed our own light-weight construction machinery.
Their success encouraged us to develop manufacturing capabilities. Light-weight and able to work in marshy environments,
we first developed the “Rubber Crawler”, and to improve maneuverability, we developed the “HST Drive System”.
By 1975, we were producing the Rubber Crawler with an HST system “trencher”, “bulldozer” and “off road carrier”.
Throughout our growth, we have always kept our management principle to develop machines from the standpoint of our customer needs.

Today, MOROOKA serves customers worldwide as a pioneer in manufacturing construction machinery, forestry machinery,
agricultural machinery, and environmental machinery, all featuring the HST hydraulic system adopted in rubber crawler products.
We continue to evolve with the motto “To open a new frontier where no path has ever existed.”
Always keep an eye on future demand and continue to manufacture products that aim to be environmentally friendly and can contribute to a sustainable society.